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Voice Call is an effective medium to make people hear you. The voice clip is pre-recorded and through our panel in just a click you can reach lakh of people. Voice call makes a long lasting impact on the listener and thus seems to be an effective means of promotion. For Example: Mr.X company have their product slogan which they want to make popular. They can do a Voice campaign in such case, as the recipients will receive the call and the slogan will be heard.

The variants of Voice Call are

Single and Multilevel Out Bound Broadcasting (OBB):
This includes various templates which are designed according to the requirement of the clients.

Simple broadcast:
This is a simple pre-recorded voice clip which can be broadcasted to the desired database.

IVR Voice Broadcast:
A pre-recorded voice clip which supports inbuilt interactive Mechanism to capture the information. - Facilitates Menu based option provided in the broadcast e.g. Press 1 for Demo, Press 2 For Service, Press 3 for Complaints

How Voice Call can be relevant to you ?

Existing Database:

If you have your own database, this can be a nice or a personal way of staying connected to your existing clients. In this case, we provide you with a web based panel which you can operate. Voice call can be used to invite your clients on your anniversary sale, discounts, festive season or any promotional offers.

For example:

Mr. X being a saree shop owner has few existing client database. During Puja, Diwali he can communicate his greetings via Voice Call.

Database Campaign

Pre-recorded voice when send on our database is Voice Call Campaign. Voice Call campaigns are result oriented and can help generate adequate leads for you. This is basically used to target huge number of audience and mainly for promotional purposes.

For example:

Mr. Taurus launched a new Showroom. Voice Call campaign will help him in apt marketing promotion. This can be done using database area wise or profiled category wise.